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Hang Tight Towel Shit Rainbows

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It's a Hang Tight Towel®! Hang them over anything you want to secure them to and pull through loop. They HANG TIGHT! You not only have a towel that stays in place, but one that looks amazing in your home!

100% Cotton Premium Flour Sack fabric -- there is a difference!
Functional Hang Tight Towel® Loop -- no more picking up towels from the floor!
Super Absorbent -- yeah... we wanted them to actually work!
Hemmed on ALL FOUR SIDES -- because we're just classy like that!
Generous in size, measures approx. 26"x 26" -- great for drying dishes, baking bread, or snapping butts!
All are pre-washed, and lint free
The more you use, the softer they get!

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