Our Cause

At BodyFactory®, we envision a world where every creature, big or small, is treated with respect, compassion, and given the opportunity for a flourishing life. Our commitment to animal welfare goes well beyond mere business transactions; it's a solemn promise to serve as protectors for those without a voice. We are dedicated to advocating for animal sanctuaries and raising awareness about the challenges they face in providing a fulfilling life for their inhabitants. Won’t you join us in creating a future where every paw print leaves a positive impact on our world…

Freedom Farm Sanctuary is an educational center and a sanctuary for animals rescued from the food industries. This non-profit organisation strives to lead a kinder and more compassionate world for animals, human beings, and our planet.

Starting-Over is a non-profit organization that rescues animals. The shelter rescues and rehabilitates animals from the streets and from animal industries. Animals arriving from all across the country, after being brutally abused, severely neglected or abandoned. The shelter gives all animals a chance to live a life of freedom, love, safety, actually to start over.