Robert Green | Chief Executive Officer

BodyFactory was started over 32 years ago by Founder Robert Green. He was hosting the top-rated fitness show, GottaSweat with 6-time Ms. Olympia winner Cory Everson, when he started BodyFactory. Robert was training the top celebrities for certain roles in movies and decided to create an environment where the “non-celebrity” could go to gain that same expert knowledge.  

Robert witnessed first-hand that there was no simple instruction booklet on life and how to better it through diet, fitness and spiritual awakening. His goal therefore became one of creating a fun and easy way to enhance life for individuals. He wanted to design an environment that was non-judgmental, easily understood, and more importantly, one that produced a fun way to take pleasure in exercise, nutrition and health. BodyFactory has become this dream environment.  

BodyFactory Retail Stores provide a tantalizing, sensory experience for its customers. There are a myriad of products to smell and sample, taste and touch. Everything is hands-on to provide the ultimate shopping experience. BodyFactory has an inviting charm that allows anyone with a desire, to experience a better life through its quality products, professional staff, knowledgeable experience, and pleasurable atmosphere.  

As Chief Executive Officer and President of BodyFactory, LLC, Robert oversees all aspects of the company's business. Robert places special emphasis on attracting the best creative talent to BodyFactory, ensuring operational excellence and pursuing optimal strategic partnerships.


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