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Welcome to BodyFactory®, a pioneering health, fitness, and nutrition company with a legacy spanning over three decades. Our journey began when Robert Green, the visionary founder, ventured into the realm of health, fitness, and nutrition by hosting a premier fitness show on ESPN. The success of the show led to BodyFactory providing catering services on movie sets and television shows, as studios recognized the importance of a healthy environment for their celebrities.

In our early days, we observed a prevailing reliance on sugary products that resulted in energy spikes and crashes. Driven by a commitment to positively impact lives, BodyFactory strategically navigated the dynamic health industry, identifying a crucial gap—the need for a protein source that excelled in both efficiency and taste. Traditional protein supplements, known for causing discomfort, left a significant void in the market.

Motivated to address this gap, our dedicated team embarked on a transformative journey, conducting meticulous research and experimentation. The result of our endeavors is our flagship product—BodyFuel® protein. This groundbreaking innovation not only serves as a nutritional powerhouse but also sets a new industry standard.

The ripple effect of BodyFuel's introduction reached fitness enthusiasts, athletes, and health-conscious individuals globally. Our unwavering commitment to innovation not only filled a market void, but also set a benchmark for the industry. At BodyFactory, we continue to pioneer advancements that elevate the health and well-being of individuals, embodying a legacy built on excellence and transformative products.

BodyFuel® Sets the Standards in Ingredients and Manufacturing

We prioritize top-tier ingredients and manufacturing standards. BodyFuel® is produced in TGA-registered, NSF Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified facilities.

BodyFuel® is NSF Certified for Sport®, meeting the rigorous standards set for professional athletes who require strict compliance with supplement regulations.