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Velocity HP1000

UV Tanning

Sunscape SS755

UV Tanning


Spray Tanning 

Velocity HP1000 Tanning at BodyFactory Sunset Sunscape SS755 Tanning at BodyFactory Sunset VersaSpa Spray Tan at BodyFactory Sunset

Over 18,000 Watts of Tanning Power
Get a fast tan that lasts longer.

High Pressure Technology
Primarily UVA rays with minimal UVB exposure, giving you a healthier and deeper tan.

Countoured, Open-Platform
For a comfortable 360 degree tanning experience.

Over 13,000 Watts of Tanning Power
Quick results for an instant, sexy glow.

Adjustable Face & Shoulder Lamps
Take full control of your tan, with adjustable cooling fans, face lamps, and shoulder lamps.

Spacious & Comfortable Design
Plenty of room to move and reach your controls.

Full Body Bronzing & Moisturizing
pH balancing, bronzing, and hydrating solutions.

Fully Automated
Walking you step-by-step through the entire experience, to maximize results.

Private & Spacious
Wide open design in a private room.